Friday, November 2, 2012

Progressive Much?

You can't defeat what's written in stone
Discount the sweat and tears in its blood and bones
These things are built over years and years
They aren't your dice to throw around
Progressive much? I'm afraid not so.

Hand close to heart
Swear to never move away
What we've got is what will stay
It can morph into itself at best
Progressive hardly, but no real change as such

Did you forget to read the sign on the wall?
I'm afraid your time's coming to stall
The ante has been raised to a bar above your head
You should at least learn to stay afloat, or you'll be dead
Progressive indeed is the way to go

There's a corner coming round the bend
It's coming up slowly, be prepared
You have to choose between duck and hide and climb upon, but you've gotta take it on
Kill it, ride on it or hang on to its tail
Like it or not, it will prevail
Progressive Any? You're the first in line

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