Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rip Down & Recreate Every time

To rip down & recreate every time. That's something I've discovered the joy of, and have begun to understand, lately. I think, if applied to the individual(s) (collectively as well) and the world, it does a great deal of refreshment in an otherwise well-oiled machine we call our lives and well-run society.

Over time, we fall into the trap of routine and system. We just do what we do because that's what we do. Lots of times we do that based on natural reason - the kind of reason that governs anything that adds up to efficiency by itself.  Necessity, by virtue of itself, is self-definitive. We don't always control it. We just do it because it because it simply is necessary. We are governed by it. If we weren't, we'd be irrelevant first to ourselves and then the world around us.When not governed by it (fancy rich kids types), we are living in our own little bubbles driven by worlds of our own imagination (mostly holding our everyday lives to ransom by things we don't understand but yet submit to only God knows why). It's a very fear infested lifestyle.

The Rip Down & Recreate Every Time method is simple. Each time you do something, rip it down from the last time you did it, and recreate it, each single time. When you rip something down and recreate it each time, you completely break it down and rebuild from scratch. And with the increasing number of times you do it, it will be driven by purpose over method, not method over purpose, therefore being as naturally necessary as required to keep it in updated relevant focus. It will work better as opposed to a method repeating the old method over again.                   

When you actually put to practice, you find that it either convinces you more of what you already have been doing or it completely lifts your method to a new level of relevance, and therefore engagement. So while you may end up playing out the old method, you keep the basics right. If you simply played out the old method anyway, and didn't rip down first, you really didn't naturally gauge the requirement and will tend to be more irrelevant.

It gives whatever you do the means to keep your life exciting, fresh, real, necessary, without the fluff, unnonsensical, not overgrown and absolutely relevant. You just don't have to do it physically. If you do it in your mind first, and your present world makes the right sense that's all of this, it's good to go. The only fear you have to face in the process is that of your present comfort zone of functioning.

A large motivating factor to being able to rip down & recreate every time is that you shouldn't be jaded, at least yet, and unconsciously comfortable with the world and its well-oiledness persisting that it continue to run lest the world falls apart with its delicate support system. The problem, if that's where you are, is that when you have to replace it, it takes way a world of support for so many people who live in boxed, uncreative, drab and sometimes soulless madness that isn't really worth the everyday effort.

When you rip down and recreate every time, you open your world and let in any new kind air that might be around. You stay constantly updated. You prevent yourself from getting bored with the machinery that runs your life. You throw out the machinery and get something you can assemble how you choose to, not fixing in what does not suit your purpose.

Rip down and recreate every time. If you don't do it now, you will be forced to adapt when it will be an absolute necessity to, and when you have enough insulation to resist even that, you have means that are better used in the hands of other people who really need them. Remember that everything is always bigger that what it is/seems to be. If you don't peek over the wall, you'll never know.
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